ASUS ZenBook 14 OLED UX 3402 Review

My first MacBook Air and haven't looked back at the Windows ecosystem since a few laptops came and went, but none came this close to capturing my attention like this one. Right next to me. ASUS ZenBook 14 OLED UX 3402 to get the drift. By the way, there are enough and more reasons for you guys to stay tuned till the end of the video because I'll reveal something about myself and laptops that might shock you the attraction started with the design. 

Design and Body

It's got this ego lift body which is fairly slim and I really liked this new redesigned Asus motive on the top of the lid. ASUS has actually carried forward this logo from other Zen books the 30th-anniversary aluminum-alloy Zen books that it made a few years ago. 

The hinge has also been redesigned right now with these new premium Zen caps and you know with the famous concentric circles, and you know, it actually enables this led to go as flat as 180 degrees. Now, this is also an ergo lift hinge meaning that it can prop your keyboard at a slight angle making it easier for typing not that it's a game-changer or anything but it's good to have a feature now while you can open the lid with consummate ease with just one finger. Even if there's a slight disturbance in the Force. The lid wobbles a lot like a man who can handle his drinks.

Have gone this far. Don't forget to share and comment section out there is also very dry please comment below so that this review can reach more people looking for a review of the Asus Zenbook 14 OLED any who the laptops available in two different colors one's called Ponte blue, the other one's called Aqua celadon and like the point blue variant I don't know why it's called Ponda blue I don't know if it makes you ponder but I mean that's the name it looks nice.

It is not the thinnest and lightest Ultrabook around at 16.9 millimeters in thickness and 1.39 kilograms but it is fairly light and slim and of course, it fits in the backpack really nicely. 

It doesn't weigh you down at all. As to the ports you have almost everything you get to Thunderbolt 2.0 Type C ports, one USB 3.2 gen two types a port, HDMI 2.0 p 3.5 and combo jack,, and a micro SD card slot. Now the indented keyboard also adds to the experience of using the keyboard. And of course, the key travel of 1.4 millimeters ensures that you get a very good typing experience for a membrane keyboard. It's actually very, very good. 

Now obviously I was typing much faster on this keyboard compared to the horrendous butterfly switch keyboard on my MacBook Pro 13 inch, you know 2017 period.

Display and Touchpad 

Now there's also this very nice move by Asus to actually keep the delivery at the top right corner instead of the fingerprint scanner and therefore you know, enabling touch typists to actually type faster and not you know, miss out on that immediate fast key press. Now one thing I didn't like about the keyboard is that the arrow keys are really squashed and for my big you know, fingers it was a really tough time getting adjusted to it. In fact, I couldn't get adjusted to it even now. Now. Back to the good things. Asus leaves no stone unturned with the inclusion of a digital number by 2.0 on the touchpad itself. Now initially I thought that it would be a gimmick, but it is actually not.

I found it to be quite useful because of one major reason and that is that you can actually use the number pad to you know, type out your numbers or you know, do any calculations that you'd like. And you can also use it as a touchpad even with the Numpad on at the same time. This is a really really cool integration. And it works really well to function on this touchpad itself. 

There's another digital key on the top swiping on it actually brings up the calculator on Windows 11. I found that to be a really nifty feature I think that Asus actually adds features that come in really handy so you don't miss out on the number pad even when you don't have a full-size keyboard on this machine. 

And the glass touchpad itself is a joy to use with you know, it responded to all my swipes and gestures and not miss a beat every single time I didn't miss on a MacBook touchpad which I absolutely love of course, but this one is very good to obviously the ps3 resistance of this laptop is the 14-inch OLED panel with 2.8k resolution and of course, the rest of the display specs are very impressive to you're going to 16 is a 10 aspect ratio 90% screen to body ratio with fairly slim bezels 100% DCI p3 color gamut with Pantone validation and visa display HDR 500 through black compatibility with 550 nits of peak brightness as well and I saved the best for last. 

You get a,90-hert screen refresh rate on this display, which for some reason is not on by default you will have to go and do that from the Windows Display Settings. Now couple that with the point two millisecond response time and you get a very, very smooth experience. Now this display itself has a negligible color shift when you look at it from an angle. And if you get really bright especially in HDR content plus it looks extremely crisp to now one of the concerns with many Windows laptops that came in went in this time of using a MacBook has been that displays weren't tuned really well therefore I couldn't test my camera samples. 

My smartphone camera samples on them because I couldn't see the true colors. But that's not really a problem with this one out here and it works really well. Now obviously since it's an OLED display, I'm pretty certain that you have concerns about burning, but Asus has answers for that too. Firstly, this is a Samsung panel with a very refined you know Samsung OLED. burning technology an, therefore, has a default OLED setting that goes into action after five minutes of the display being idle, where it actually dims the display. Now there's also the special pixel shift technology which you can enable from the My egos app directly. 

What it essentially does is it moves the pixels slightly to ensure that there's no static image at any given point of time you won't even notice it. It happens without any visible change to the quality of the image itself and ensures that it doesn't cause a burden over a prolonged usage period. And finally, there's this very special OLED wallpaper which sort of kicks in after 30 minutes have you not doing anything on the display itself. This again ensures that you know the display has more longevity when it comes to OLED screen burn-in,


Actually, OLED burn-in is a bigger problem with bigger screens compared to smartphones if you guys have noticed and if all that is not enough, Asus also gives you a warranty of 7000 hours of using this display without any burning at 200 nits of brightness which is very very good. Honestly, I love the display on this ASUS laptop. In fact, I love it so much more than the MacBook and that is one primary reason why it's making me want to shift to this laptop. 

Now there are two speakers on this laptop and they're placed in a way that they raised slightly from the bottom and therefore you get a louder sound as well. Now Asus adds a host of features. It's also tuned by Harman Kardon and again Dolby Amos' support as well. But to be entirely honest, it doesn't sound very good. I'm not a fan of the speakers on these on this laptop, I feel that you know MacBooks and gently there are certain other laptops that I tested in the past, for example, the Surface Pro, which actually sounds better compared to this specific one. And as you know webcams go you get a 70 DB HD webcam on this one. 

 Processor  and RAM, Memory 

It's as good as it gets. It's not any great. It's okay enough for zoom calls. But if you want better quality you might want to invest in a better webcam. And of course, there is no you know, shutter for privacy. So that's something that you have to keep in mind as well. Now the variant of you know, Asus Zenbook 14 OLED that I reviewed has, you know, Intel's latest 12 generation processor, it's the I 712 60 P with four performance courts and you know, eight efficiency cores to go along. with it. You wanted to get more affordable variants with the core ifI and 1240 processor as well. This was a 16 GB of LPDDR five RAM and five and two GB of you know MDOT to NVMe SSD as well. It's a really.

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