Longest range electric scooter in India

Welcome to e-gadget, Electric vehicles are the future of transportation but still, some people are hesitating to buy this week is one of the reasons for these electric bikes have low range, but in reality, there are electric vehicles with long links also in this video I'm going to tell you about top 5 long-range electric scooters in India.

friends in this post we are giving the ranks based on companies claiming rates we are not considering real-life friends because real-life range depends on various factors like driving behavior, speed tire pressure, and load on the vehicle. 

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Hero Hatch X 

Hero hatch x and y, x from Hero electrics this way come with a 1.5-kilowatt, battery pack and the company is claiming that it has a range of 165 kilometers this way it has a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour and this way comes with BLDC motor with 600 Watts capacity and it will take four to five hours to charge this weekend. And for this video they have given both front and rear drum brakes only this week, it comes with friend telescopic suspension and it has an insurance price of 1,77,440 rupees. 

Hero Hatch X

Corbett 14

Corbett 14 from boom motors this way comes with a dual battery option and it has a battery capacity of 4.6 kilowatts the company is saying that it has a range of 180 kilometers and a top speed of 75 kilometers per hour. This way it comes with a  4-kilowatt BLDC hub motor and it will take 2.5 to four hours to chart this week. It has disc brakes for both wheels and it comes with a braking system. Now, this is vague as an ex-showroom price of 86,990 rupees only.

Longest range electric scooter in India

Ola S1 scooter

Ola in front row Ola is from Pro and is the most popular vehicle in India. And it was so popular not only because of its range but also because of its recent fire incidents. These come vital old lines from broken comes with a lithium-ion3.9-kilowatt-hour kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery and a BLDC motor with the ion five lower capacity. It has an IDC range of 191 kilometers the range of the vehicle will be increased the vehicle has an ex-showroom price of one lakh 1,40,000 rupees.

Longest range electric scooter in India

Simple One

A simple one it has many fans in India with good investors and the largest manufacturing plant it is going to drop the Indian roads soon. The company is saying that it offers a range of 236 kilometers and it has a top speed of 105 kilometers per hour. It can reach zero to 40 kilometers per hour speed in 2.95 seconds only. This way it comes with a 4.5 lower motor power and a battery capacity of 6.4 kilowatt-hours. This week it has an ex-showroom price of one lakh 1,49,000 rupees and this vehicle is now available for pre-bookings. 

Longest range electric scooter in India

Graviton Quantum

Graviton vehicle in the list is Graviton quantum it is a made in India product and all the components of contact I have been designed engineered and manufactured in India only this vehicle has many specialties like it has a load capacity of 250 kgs it comes with 17-inch wheels with dual battery pack option and it has a range of 320 kilometers this week. It has a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour and it will take 3.5 hours to charge this vehicle with an advanced charger its price is one lakh 90000 rupees only.

Longest range electric scooter in India

So, guys, these are the top five long-range electric scooters in India. And that's all for now guys. If you liked this post give it a big thumbs up and also share this blog post with your friends and family members. For more such posts, please share.

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